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And now for a random rant about play-by-post D&D gaming.

We are playing the same game, right? )
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This small rave/rant will contain spoilers for the first season of the Blacklist and the pilot of Forever. But in short, why do shows with interesting premises seem to focus all their attention on single characters and forget things like logic, procedure, and law? Spoilers ahoy! Also some gruesome medical descriptions. )
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There's a reason I have a LiveJournal, and it's because there is some stuff you just can't put on Facebook.

To my friends - I'm glad you're getting fit. It's important for your health to eat right and work out regularly. I'm pleased you're logging your miles, varying your workouts, and getting encouragement from your friends and family to keep on track. I know most of you are fairly decent people, so I know most of your posts aren't humble brags. Yes, of course there's a little of that, because if you aren't self-satisfied with your workouts, really what's the point? But you don't go overboard, and that's very decent of you.

However, I am not in shape. I'm lumpily obese. I weight as much as two of you guys put together.

And it's not because I don't know better. I took classes on health and fitness. I've worked with athletes. I know in excruciating detail what is necessary to do to get fit and healthy.

However, workouts don't make me feel empowered, they make me feel tired, sweaty, and embarrassed. Fat people do not air themselves in public. I do brisk walking most mornings, but there's a reason I stopped going to the YMCA. I just get really damn tired of me trying to walk on the treadmill while skinny people in yoga pants are jogging on the same, or guys with muscles for days are pumping themselves up on weight machines. I detest the bank of mirrors opposite the machines. They really don't help.

I also really dislike a lot of the healthier foods. I have strong textural aversions to several vegetables and fruits, as in I will have a gag reflex strong enough to puke if asked to eat a raw tomato, or certain other foods.

My husband seems to lose weight with no effort, and our schedules are so different it's sort of pointless to ask him to be my workout buddy.

And it's just... hard, when I see people constantly posting on their progress, and I'm not really progressing anywhere. It's not that I don't want to, but I am not just going to be able to leap in with both feet like these people are.

I know you're not supposed to compare yourself, and that everyone gets fit in their own way and at their own pace. But still. It sucks.

To you Health Nuts - Post a recipe that doesn't involve wheatgrass or low-fat ingredients, or maybe make a post about a movie you saw or a concert you went to. Please.

Just for a change of pace.
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Or, where Jaune Chat needs to rant about her household, her husband, an unequal division of labor, and just Go To the Damn Doctor, Sweetie.

It should not be this hard )
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Up to Episode 5 - Scorch, so spoilers ahoy. Also, thoughts on supervillains, particularly examples in AoS, and one from Buffy.

A good show! )

I don't get supervillains. Or heroes sometimes.

Really, I do not. )
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Ooooo.... kay.

So... something just happened that was not good. I'd like to talk about it.

Talking about original fiction writer's club and hubby's strange reaction. )
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Well, that sucked.

If you've got me your flist, you've probably seen the session write-ups for the Dungeons and Dragons game that I'm running. Tonight it all managed to go rather wrong. Unexpected Drama Ahoy! )
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So, in December I posted what I had intended to be the final chapter of a series I had started waaaaaaay back in 2006. I got some good comments on it, some great responses from people who'd been with me during the main writing of the long story of the series for two years. And then I got some other responses.

Lemme rant... )

Sorry Anons

Nov. 9th, 2012 04:45 pm
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Sorry anons, but the level of spam has just gotten to unprecedented levels. I've tried being patient, I've tried CAPCHA, and now it's gotten to the level of disabling anonymous comments. I swear to Pete, if I have to see one more spamvertizement for Ugg boots, Chanel bags, duty-free cigarretts, or cheap Nike jerseys, I'm gonna lose it.
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Aren't weekends supposed to be relaxing? This has not been. At all.

It's not like anything hugely bad happened, just many smaller moderately bad or upsetting things that have combined to create a very bad feeling in my stomach.

Work Meetings of Awkwardness, Dungeons and Dragons Sessions From Hell, and Home Carpentry Projects of Doom )
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So, ok, here's a confession - I watch a few reality TV shows. Project Runway, Top Chef, and I started sporadically watching Face Off. I also watch a few more cooking shows that could be considered same: Chopped and Iron Chef America. I learn a lot from my cooking shows. Different kinds of ingredients, the names of some famous chefs and restaurants, and the extistance of all sorts of different cooking techniques. (Since the shows I watch are competition-driven, I don't get to learn said techniques, but they're fun to look up later.) Overall, I find them entertaining and they give me some great ideas.

But every now and then I find myself watching these shows and just want to smack the chefs over the head with a rubber fish.

Not because of personality or behavior (though that can grate: remember folks, if it gets caught on camera, it's there forever for your future employers to review) but because of their reactions to certain challenges. Namely, what I call the "Real Person's Cupboard" challenges.

Now I know that most professional chefs working in fine dining restaurants want the freshest ingredients they can lay their hands on. Fresh fish, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, fresh herbs, locally-raised meat and dairy, the works. I totally understand and support that decision. It makes the food taste better, and no artist wants to work with inferior materials.

I, however, am not a professional chef. I am Jane Q. Public, and I tend to buy whatever's cheapest and most convenient at my local grocery store. This is what I eat on a day-to-day basis.

I recall a challenge on Top Chef (in Season 3) where the chefs were challenged to make a gourmet entree using... CANNED FOOD! When the sheet was whipped off the table and the canned food revealed, the resulting moans, groans, and disgusted snears would have made me think they were being told to cook with fresh horse manure.

That wasn't the last time I've seen that reaction either. Whenever the contestents on Chopped are given a processed ingredient to use, someone always bitches and moans about it. Iron Chef does this less often, but whenever they do, the chefs always find in inordinately challenging.

I'm sorry, what? What do you think most people eat from day to day? Given a much larger budget, infinite time, and superior cooking skill, I could cook with just fresh ingredients too, but that's not going to happen. What happened to these skilled chefs? Did they never eat canned tuna growing up? Never had canned green beans? You're in a bloody cooking competition! Let me know how I can take my can of chili and turn it into something fabulous! I should not have to look at my cupboard in shame.

I don't expect the whole competition to be about what to do with canned ham. Truly it's more fun to watch chefs cook with fabulous fresh ingredients. But canned food is not crap. It's what most of us eat. Don't disparage my tinned peas!
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Comments are great things. For those fic writers here on LJ, comments are often our lifeblood. They give us a reason to keep writing, encouragement that we're on the right track, and just let us know that in the whole wide world, someone else finds our efforts worthy of notice. For a lot of us, that's all we want. And a comment is far more meaningful than a simple kudos or "like" vote. But let me discuss a couple different kinds of comments that invite more discussion. Specifically the concrit comment and the "but you're not a telepath!" comment.

Commentary about commenting )
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This post is venting. I didn't have the best of days today. If you don't want to read about a bad day, this post is not for you.

Stupid stuff... )


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